CSA Z107.10 guideline to acoustical standards in Canada


  • Cameron W. Sherry Les Consultants LBCD/Trow, Bureau 1001, 425 De Maisonneuve Ouest, Montréal, Qué. H3A 3G5, Canada


Acoustics, Laws and legislation, Standardization, Acoustical standards, Environmental noise, Industrial noise


Some of the issues related to the CSA Z107.10 Guideline to acoustical standards in Canada are discussed. The Z107 committee of CSA wanted to formulate a guideline to acoustical standards in the country to regulate various sources of acoustic noise. The committee reviewed and endorsed several acoustical standards that can be used by the Canadian public and developed the CSA Z107.10 acoustical standard. The standard lists by topics the standards, which are endorsed or written by CSA and are recommended to be used in Canada. Some of the topics included in the list of headings of the standard are building acoustics, environmental noise, hearing measurement, industrial noise, and powered machines. The standard also provides information on fourteen ASTM building standards and indicates the standards that are referenced in the National Building Code of Canada.

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