Experimental and numerical investigation of separated-reattached flows behind uniform and notched spoilers

Paloma Mejia, Jong Beom Park, Luc Mongeau


Separated-reattaches flows behind uniform and notched spoilers are experimentally and numerically investigated. Aerodynamically excited noise from the open sunroof of a vehicle is of particular interest due to the high pressure oscillations that may be generated inside the cabin for certain vehicle speeds. Notched spoilers have frequently been observed to be more effective than uniform spoiler for buffeting suppression. The experimental cases under investigation consisted of uniform and notched automobile sunroof spoilers mounted into the test section of a low-speed, quiet wind tunnel. The commercial software PowerFLOW™ was used and a number of pre- and post-processing operations were followed in order to prepare and verify the spoiler geometry. The simulation results were verified based on comparisons between the simulation results and measured flow field statistics from hot-wire anemometry.


Aerodynamics; Computer simulation; Computer software; Flow fields; Automobile sunroof spoilers; Separated-reattached flows; Spoiler geometry

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