Playful tools, serious questions


  • Rosemary Mountain Dept. of Music, Concordia University, 7141 Sherbrooke St. W., RF 322, Que. H4B 1R6, Canada


Acoustic properties, Bar codes, Computer software, Data acquisition, Database systems, Multimedia systems, Color associations, Grids sorting bins, Interactive Multimedia Playroom, Sorting labels


The Interactive Multimedia Playroom is a tool for investigating the perception tool for investigating our perception of various acoustic properties of sounds triggered by the user through barcode technology. 3 different 3-D grids sorting bins in Playroom sort the clips by mood, properties, sound-image interaction, and by indicating color associations. The tool function at various levels such as to encourage users to discriminate between subtle differences in acoustic properties of sound and to test the relevance and accuracy of descriptors used by acoustic researchers. The design installation has various components such as computers and software for triggering the playing of the media, databases, sorting labels, explanatory texts, reference material, illustrative props, and video camera. Playroom project also includes more automated data collection, easier re-assignments of clips, newer database forms for clip information, and clarification of terminology.




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