Eliciting individual language describing differences in auditory imagery associated with four multichannel microphone techniques

William L. Martens, Sungyoung Kim, Kent Walker, David Benson, Wieslaw Woszczyk


The individual language describing distinctions in identifiable auditory imagery associated with two short excerpts of four solo piano pieces with four multichannel microphone techniques is discussed. The 32 five-channel stimuli are presented through five active full bandwidth loudspeakers positioned at a height of l.2m from the floor and at a radius of 1.5 m from the central listening position. The bipolar elicited from the five listeners and the relative frequency with which they are generated are also summarized. The centroid response dataset is calculated from the combined ratings for 8 of the musical programs for each of the four microphone techniques. This analysis for one listeners gave a tight cluster between obtained ratings on three attribute scales while the second tight cluster is observed between ratings on the scale.


Acoustic devices; Cluster analysis; Computation theory; Data structures; Loudspeakers; Microphones; Auditory imagery; Bipolar elicited; Multichannel microphone; Solo piano pieces

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