Towards a spatial sound description interchange format (SpatDIF)

Nils Peters, Sean Ferguson, Stephen McAdams


The need for a Spatial Sound Description Interchange Format (SpatDIF) to create, store, and share information for 3D audio applications, is presented. A review of several spatialization algorithms and their implementations includes Vector Based Amplitude Panning, Ambisonics, Spatialisateur, and Virtual Microphone Control. The properties of SpatDIF include platform independence, easily understandable syntax, extendibility, free and open source, easy to connect, and use of existing standards. SpatDlF builds on the Open Sound Control (OSC) address space standard for real-time audio purposes while SpatDIF OSC stream is stored as streams in audio sequencer programs. Position of virtual sound sources is controllable parameter including perspective, coordinate system, absolute or relative parameter values used by SpatDIF.


Acoustic variables control; Algorithms; Microphones; Parameter estimation; Standards; Three dimensional; Ambisonics; Audio applications; Spatial Sound Description Interchange Format; Spatialization algorithms

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