Prediction of noise generated by a cabin outflow valve using the STAR-CD code

George Waller


Noise generated by a cabin outflow valve was predicted using the STAR-CD code, a commercially available thermofluids analysis system developed by the CD-adapco Group. The solver is an implicit finite-volume method, with pressure calculated from a pressure correction equation using the SIMPLE algorithm. The solver used an AMG (algebraic multi-grid) method to solve the linear equations. The turbulence was modeled using a detached eddy simulation (DES) based on a modified Spalarat-Allmaras turbulence model. The pressures were converted to the frequency domain using a Hanning window with a 64 Hz bandwidth, to match the experimental results. The prediction of the noise generated by a cabin outflow valve operating at sub-critical pressure ratio by STAR-CD was very good.


Algorithms; Codes (symbols); Computer simulation; Finite volume method; Linear equations; Turbulence; Cabin outflow valve; Frequency domain; Hanning window; SIMPLE algorithm; Thermofluids analysis

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