The sound that vortices within vortices make


  • Georgios H. Vatistas Dept. of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Concordia University, Montreal, Que. H3G 1M8, Canada


Centrifugation, Dynamics, Interfaces (materials), Phase equilibria, Solitons, Surfaces, Taylor series, Bottom plates, Rotary motion, Vortex dynamics


Some of the new developments made in vortex dynamics that are relevant to the sound produced by intense concentrated eddies are discussed. Most of the contributions consider vortices of the zero-circulation Taylor's type. Waves on the free surface of a liquid vortex produced in an apparatus exhibit fundamental characteristics of Kelvin's equilibrium patterns. The rotary motion imparted to the fluid by the disk, generates a centrifugal force field, which pushes the liquid towards the container's wall. The source of the waves appearing on the liquid interface has been attributed to the presence of revolving satellite vortices, which give the event a dual wave/vortex nature. The solitary wave in rotation experiments are also conducted in a transparent cylindrical reservoir having a circular outlet, fixed on the bottom plate. The height of the single interfacial wave increases if a jolt is applied to the container along the lateral direction prior to the wave development.

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