Spatial vibration patterns of the Gerbil eardrum

Nicolas N. Ellaham, Fadi Akache, W. Robert J Funnell, Sam J. Daniel


Laser Doppler Vibrometry (LDV) displacement measurements for the better understanding of middle-ear mechanics in mammals were carried out on Mongolian gerbils to measure the velocity of a vibrating surface at the nanometer level without mass loading. Displacements were measured at multiple points along the manubrium of the malleus and along a line on the eardrum perpendicular to the manubrium, in order to study the spatial vibration patterns. The spatial vibration patterns across the eardrum and along the manubrium were analyzed over the frequency range form 0.15 to 10 KHz. The similarity of the shapes of the frequency responses at all points of measurements indicates that the motion of the gerbil eardrum follows a simple pattern, with all points vibrating in phase. The manubrial displacements observed are consistent with the traditional concept of a simple rotation around a fixed axis extending from the anterior mallear ligament to the posterior includal ligament.


Laser Doppler velocimeters; Mammals; Natural frequencies; Vibration analysis; Eardrum; Laser Doppler Vibrometry; Mass loading; Middle ear mechanics

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