Blowing down the walls of Jericho - Construction and testing of a horn speaker cabinet

Luke Regier


The characteristic performance of Jericho Horn Speaker Cabinet (Jericho Cabinet), which is an acoustic amplifier with a number of chambers through which the sound travels and gets louder because of the resonation process was evaluated. The tests explored the specific properties of Jericho Cabinet such that the Jericho Horn Speaker cabinet resonates the bass frequencies of sound and can provide higher amplitudes with the same of amount of power by using two speakers instead of one. The speaker could be bolted directly to the face of the cabinet, rather than using a mounting bracket to reduce rattling. The 50 watt speaker Jericho Cabinet took less power to give it the same volume compared to the Yorkville 200 watt speaker at low volumes. There was stereo effect caused by time lag between the bass frequency and the originating source of sound at the speaker, and separation between the speaker and horn.


Natural frequencies; Resonators; Horn speaker cabinet; Resonation process

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