Robust 2D localization of low-frequency calls in shallow waters using modal propagation modelling

C. Gervaise, S. Vallez, Y. Stephan, Y. Simard


We propose a new method to localize low-frequency calls in 2D in shallow waters from a sparse array of hydrophones using modal propagation modelling. An analysis of modal propagation modelling of transients signals in shallow water environment shows that the dispersive behaviour of the waveguide can be exploited to design a robust localization scheme without requiring any knowledge of the acoustics properties of the environment (bottom and water column) nor any simulation of propagation, The localization scheme also does not require synchronization of the array and is therefore independent of any clock drift. Promising results are obtained for Northern right whale gunshot calls from 'Bay of Fundy data set of the 2003 Workshop on Detection and Localization of Marine Mammals Using Passive Acoustics.'.


Acoustics; Electroacoustic transducers; Mammals; Two dimensional; Low frequencies; Modal propagation; Shallow waters

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