The role of acoustics in sustainable design


  • Zohreh Razavi Stantec Consulting Ltd., 111 Dunsmuir Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 6A3


Acoustic noise, Photocopying, Acoustical measurements, Conservation of energies, GREAT-ER, Noise levels, Noise sources, Sustainable designs, Sustainable environments


A study was conducted to address the issues of acoustical challenges in sustainable design, which aims to reduce the usage of energy. The study analyzed four projects with sustainable concepts of open-plan offices with an acoustical ceiling. The size of the offices are form 500 f2 to 2000 f 2 with noise levels of NC 40 to greater than NC 65 at occupied situation. The study investigated the acoustical quality within the spaces and reviewed the plan drawings. It was observed during the acoustical measurement that the noise source were operating at different loads. The study also provided some suggestion to improve the acoustical environment in the open-plan office areas and the performance of the employees. Conservation of energy and working from home can be an alternative for providing a sustainable environment.



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