Statistical analysis of classroom questionnaires and acoustical parameters

Gavin Steininger, Murray Hodgson


A study was conducted to investigate the relationship between the physical-acoustical attributes of a classroom and its mean Perceived Listening Ease (PLE) score. The study used a PLE questionnaire to calculate PLE score from the responses. The average PLE score can be used to determine the objective quality of the classroom and performance of classrooms. The questionnaires were distributed to students and physical measurement was carried out in the classrooms. The questionnaire had 73 questions divided into three sections. The questionnaire were used to determine the demographic information of the student and student's evaluation of the listening environment in the classrooms. The background noise level (BNL), early decay time (EDT), reverberation time, and early-late energy fraction were also measured for the study.


Acoustic noise; Acoustics; Architectural acoustics; Reverberation; Students; Surveys; Acoustical parameters; Background noises; Demographic informations; Early decay times; Late energies; Physical measurements; Reverberation times; Statistical analysis

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