Auditory scene analysis as a system


  • Albert S. Bregman Dept. of Psychology, McGill University, 1204 Penfield Ave., Montreal, QC H3A 1B1, Canada


Patient rehabilitation, Segregation (metallography), Acoustic, Auditory scene analyses, Auditory systems, Complex sounds, Different frequencies, Frequency components, Illusory continuities, Perceptual groupings, Sensory inputs, Stream segregations


Auditory scene analysis (ASA) state that the auditory system need to be able to build representations of the individual sounds. The ASA is a process that include, analysis of incoming signals into its frequency components at a given time and perceptual grouping by using various acoustic relationships between components. The activities of ASA involves stream segregation, perceptual fusion of simultaneous components, and illusory continuity. Fusion and decomposition of complex sounds observed during the detection different frequency components at the same time in a sensory input. Harmonic relations among the components and spatial origin can enhance the fusion into a single sound. It was observed that the stream segregation and continuity illusion are from a single ASA system.



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