An investigation into wind generated aero-acoustic tones

Peter Alexander Ibbotson, Jason Cambridge, John Pearse


A study was conducted to investigate wind generated aero-acoustic tones in a private hospital in Christchurch, New Zealand. The investigation was conducted at a newly constructed six level car parking building at the hospital, due to a complaint regarding tonal noise audible during windy conditions. Researchers performed tests during windy conditions, using fast Fourier Transform (FFT) analysis, to allow a narrow band assessment of the tone to be performed. A forced vibration response of the balusters was measured by exciting the fundamental mode natural frequency with a hammer and measuring the response with an accelerometer. The results show that the external balusters have a natural frequency response at 1550 and 2753Hz in bending.


Acoustics; Fast Fourier transforms; Fourier transforms; Hospitals; Natural frequencies; Parking; Subsonic flow; Acoustic tones; Bending; External-; Forced vibration responses; Fundamental modes; Measuring; Narrow bands; New zealand; Parking buildings; Private hospitals; Tonal noises

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