An overview of standards and guidelines influencing the implementation of noise emission declarations for machinery

Stephen H. P. Bly, Ifaz T. Haider


An overview of some European International US and Canadian standards and guidelines that influence the implementation of NEDM in Canada is provided. The Occupational Noise Directive prescribes employer responsibility to protect workers from the effects of noise on health and safety. The Machinery Directive gives requirements for declaration of sound pressure level and sound power level. OSHA has identified the purchase of quieter machinery as a way to significantly reduce noise exposure levels. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has developed standards to support NEDM, similar to the ISO/CEN standards. The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) requires NEDM to be provided in a form consistent with EU Directives and provides guidance on the sue of the ISO standards for noise specifications.


Electric currents; Law enforcement; Machinery; Noise pollution; Purchasing; American National Standards institutes; Canadian Standards associations; Consistent; EU directives; European; Health and safeties; ISO standards; Noise emissions; Noise exposure levels; Occupational noises; Sound power levels; Sound pressure levels

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