An acoustic study of L2 Vgn rime production


  • Ya Li Dept. of Linguistics, University of Victoria, Victoria BC V8P 5C2, Canada


A study was conducted tom investigate L2 VGn rime production in Mandarin speech. The study investigated speech of 20 native Chinese students at the University of Victoria. Test words included, 5 English words with VGn rimes, 5 words with VG rimes, and 4 Mandarin words with Vn rimes. The 4 Mandarin words were chosen to contrast with the 4 similar sounding English words. The word-reading task was performed in a sound-attenuated room in Phonetics laboratory of the University of Victoria. Participants were instructed to read the test words, presented on-screen through the Microsoft PowerPoint program. It was observed that there was a 2-second interval following each appearance of a token and the participants were instructed to read each word by the rhythm of its appearance.



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