Variability in cantonese speakers' productions of English vowels


  • Murray J. Munro Department of Linguistics, Simon Fraser University, Bumaby, BC V5A 1S6


Learning systems, Linguistics, Liquid membranes, Speech communication, Cantonese, English vowels, Hong kong, Learning models, Second languages, Vowel productions


A study was conducted to investigate the way in which an evaluation of variability in second language (L2) speaker performance can provide information about Speech Learning Model (SLM) for Cantonese speaking individuals pronouncing English vowels. The study focused on English high vowel productions of speakers of Hong Kong Cantonese speaking natives, who are relatively homogeneous in terms linguistic and social background. The Cantonese speaking natives differed in their length of Canadian residence (LOR). The study demonstrated that Cantonese learners need to produce two vowel distinctions in a phonetic environment, as the nature of production of English and Cantonese syllables differed significantly. The speakers also needed to produce all four vowels in a completely new environment.




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