Analysing coarticulation in scottish English children and adults: An ultrasound study

Natalia Zharkova, Nigel Hewlett, William J. Hardcastle


The coarticulation in Scottish English children and adults using ultrasound imaging was investigated. The data were the syllables in the carrier phrase. The participants, all native speakers of Standard Scottish English, were three normally developing children aged 6 to 8 years and three adults. Synchronized ultrasound and acoustic data were collected using the Queen Margaret University ultrasound system. Ultrasound frames at two time points, the middle of the consonant and the middle of the vowel, were identified in each of the different CV sequences, based on the acoustic data. The Univariate ANOVA showed a significant main effect of age group on MC. Children showed a significantly greater amount of anticipatory lingual coarticulation than adults.


Acoustic waves; Acoustics; Standardization; Ultrasonics; Acoustic datum; GREAT-ER; Main effects; Native speakers; Time points; Ultrasound imaging; Ultrasound systems; Univariate

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