I have never seen a sound


  • R. Murray Schafer Indian River, ON, Canada


Indian rivers, Natural phenomena, Ontario, Canada, Scaling system, Visual metaphor


R. Murray Schafer, Indian River, Ontario, Canada shares his views about some significant aspects of sound. He informs that sounds are verbs as compared sights, which are nouns and can be seen. Sounding can be active and generative in nature and it is incomparable similar to other creations. Visual metaphors and scaling systems have been developed to measure and analyze sounds. These techniques and systems are unable to weigh a whisper, count the voices in a choir, or measure a child's laughter. Sound is able to reach and travel to places where sight is unable to reach, as it reaches under the surface and other things. R. Murray Schafer states that sounds can be found in all places and objects, including silent objects and the environment. Sounds have played a key role in the creation of music and are associated with different natural phenomenon.



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Proceedings of the Acoustics Week in Canada

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