NRC-IRC computer controlled acoustic measurement and quality system


  • Timothy Estabrooks National Research Council, 1200 Montreal Road, Ottawa, ON Kl A 0R6, Canada


Acoustics, Computer control systems, Quality control, Quality function deployment, Software architecture, Total quality management, Verification, Acoustic measurements, Data storage function, Data verification, Disk systems, National Research Council, Oracle database, Quality systems, Relational Database, System design, Test data, Test results, Visual reference


The architecture, development, and functionality of acoustics software developed at the National Research Council Canada is described. The software incorporates methods to formalize data verification and data approval for quality control along with performing data storage functions. The software has been designed to allow the user to access various data results quickly and efficiently, while providing a quick visual reference to users. The use of the software helps the user to review any test result or the raw data from which result has been derived. All calculated or measured values are stored in an Oracle database, while the raw unprocessed data are stored on a secure backed-up disk system. The system design includes a relational database with the capability of linking the contract, specimens, and test data together.



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