Noise Suppression in Cellular Telephony

Malay Gupta, Chris Forrester, Sean Simmons


Some of the methods that are used for noise suppression in cellular telephony are discussed. Noise suppression methods are divided into two groups according to the number of microphones used in the noise suppression system. The first group of methods utilizes a single-microphone and the second group utilizes a number of microphones. Most of the techniques proposed in the single-microphone noise suppression category function in the frequency-domain and use the short-time analysis-synthesis technique. These techniques apply a frequency-dependent gain function to the spectral components of the noisy speech to attenuate the components with greater noise content. The second group of techniques utilize a number of microphones that have the ability to utilize spatial dimension in addition to temporal dimension to suppress the background noise (BGN) effectively.


Frequency domain analysis; Microphones; Background noise; Cellular telephony; Frequency domains; Frequency-dependent; Gain function; Noise suppression; Noisy speech; Second group; Spatial dimension; Spectral components; Synthesis techniques; Temporal dimensions; Time analysis

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