Trends in aero-acoustic wind tunnel testing


  • Gary M. Elfstrom Aiolos Engineering Corp., 2150 Islington Ave., ON M9P 3V4, Canada


Acoustics, Aerodynamics, Innovation, Signal to noise ratio, Spectroscopy, Tunnels, Vehicles, Background noise, Frequency spectra, General motors, Vehicle noise, Wind-tunnel testing


Some of the latest trends in new aero-acoustic wind tunnels, upgraded aerodynamic wind tunnels, and climatic wind tunnels are presented in terms of innovation to serve as aero-acoustic tools for the vehicle designer. The goal for better simulation in a wind tunnel is to have a signal to noise ratio of about 10dB between vehicle noise and background noise across the full frequency spectrum for a given vehicle. GIE S2A 24M2 automotive aero-acoustic wind tunnel and General Motors Aerodynamic Lab (GMAL) 56.2m2 are two of the latest innovations in the field of aero-acoustic tools for vehicle designers.

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