Trends in aero-acoustic wind tunnel testing

Gary M. Elfstrom


Some of the latest trends in new aero-acoustic wind tunnels, upgraded aerodynamic wind tunnels, and climatic wind tunnels are presented in terms of innovation to serve as aero-acoustic tools for the vehicle designer. The goal for better simulation in a wind tunnel is to have a signal to noise ratio of about 10dB between vehicle noise and background noise across the full frequency spectrum for a given vehicle. GIE S2A 24M2 automotive aero-acoustic wind tunnel and General Motors Aerodynamic Lab (GMAL) 56.2m2 are two of the latest innovations in the field of aero-acoustic tools for vehicle designers.


Acoustics; Aerodynamics; Innovation; Signal to noise ratio; Spectroscopy; Tunnels; Vehicles; Background noise; Frequency spectra; General motors; Vehicle noise; Wind-tunnel testing

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