Acoustic shock detection and control


  • Henry Luo Unitron Hearing, 20 Beasley Dr. Kitchener, ON N2G 4XI, Canada


Acoustics, Shock absorbers, Acoustic shocks, Adverse effect, Anti-shock, New technologies, Set-up time, Shock control, Shock duration


A new technology, called AntiShock was introduced to address the adverse effects of acoustic shocks. The new technology consisted of smart shock detection and adaptive shock control. Some significant variables that were included in the technology for shock detection were signal floor Sn (dB) that varied per acoustical environment along time. Some other variables included in the technology were Peak Level L(dB), shock setup time, and shock duration. The objectives of adaptive shock control were to reduce or minimize the shock effect, to keep the sound natural, to keep the relative loudness of shock to enable the user to perceive shock level, and to keep the shock within the comfort range of the user.

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