Cooling-tower noise control for the niagara falls casino


  • Thomas Paige Kinetics Noise Control, Inc., 3570 Nashua Drive., Mississauga, ON L4V 1L2, Canada


Acoustic variables control, Building materials, Cooling towers, Galvanized metal, Galvanizing, Steel construction, Water vapor, Air intake, Discharge air, Fan speed, Galvanized steels, Low noise, Noise control, Noise propagation, Silencer design, Structural steels, System design, Wind loading


Some of the techniques that were used to reduce noise propagation from the cooling towers of the new casino built on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls are discussed. Available noise control options for the cooling towers included low-noise fans, reduced fan speed, and a number of sound-attenuation components. Some of these components included noise-barrier walls and silencers. The decision was made to provide rectangular absorptive silencers on the cooling tower fan discharge and air intakes. A rectangular silencer design with a circular bullet was used with a pressure drop of 15 Pa. The silencers were constructed with G 90 galvanized steel to resist corrosion from the discharge air, which is 100% saturated with water vapor. Separate structural steel frames were provided to support the weight of the silencers, while the wind loading on the silencers had to be considered in the system design.




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