Perception of musical sources with impoverished spectral envelopes


  • Michael D. Hall Dept. of Psychology, James Madison University, MSC 7704, Harrisonburg, VA 22807, United States


Computer control systems, Musical instruments, Alternative methods, Amplitude envelope, Musical tones, Spectral envelopes, Spectral information, Spectral peak


A study was conducted to investigate an alternative method of manipulating musical sources with improvised spectral envelopes. A set of resynthesized musical tones was generated at a common pitch such that all spectral information was eliminated except at harmonics that occurred at average spectral peaks. The impact of these manipulations on timbre identification and discrimination was evaluated as a function of musical instrument. Tonnes were equated for loudness and compressed to 1755 ms while retaining amplitude envelopes. Three tones were synthesized for each instrument, while one included all harmonics from the original tone. Listeners completed two computer-controlled tasks that involved timbre identification, indicating the instrument from which the tone was derived.

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