Providing 'good', 'better' or 'best' acoustical plumbing system proposals for cost-sensitive clients


  • Chip O'Neil Business Development, Holdrite 2560 Progress Street, Vista, CA, 92018, United States


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Cost control advice for any plumbing or piping system are discussed taking into account labor and material factors, to generate a real world Installed Cost Analysis, while specifying a proven engineered system for clients. Studies have found that when contentiously performed, effective acoustical noise and vibration isolation of these systems can reduce the noise perception by more than half. Mid-range isolation is derived at soft isolators between all piping and building assemblies, such as through wall studs, ceiling joists, hangers & under all pipe riser clamps. Premium isolation is best at spring isolators at hangers on all drain lines, liquid pressure lines, and on all suspended equipment hangers. Braided/non-metallic hose connections at equipment, cast iron drainage piping, rather than plastic, and isolating all plumbing fixtures and their attachment points to floors and walls with soft neoprene liner, such as at toilets and tubs is also necessary.




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