Redesign of hand-held impact machines to reduce hand-arm vibration


  • Hans Lindell Swerea IVF, Argongatan 30, 431 53 Mölndal, Sweden


Damping, Surveys, Analytical calculation, Critical damping, Damping coefficients, Dust removal, Experimental studies, Hand-arm vibration, Impact machines, Low vibration, Multibody simulations, Rotational directions, Suspended mass, Vibration exposure, Vibration isolations, Work environments


A project included redesign the tools to achieve low vibration, improved ergonomics, dust removal, and reduced noise while maintaining productivity, improving work environment. The first part of the project was a survey of vibration exposure to workers in the stone industry. The results from the survey showed that three work operations contributed to more than 90% of the vibration exposure. The second part of the project, the redesign of the tools was carried out using three approaches such as analytical calculation, multi-body simulation, and experimental study. Care has been taken to reduce friction in the system and the damping coefficient is estimated to be below 2 % of critical damping. Vibration isolation between the suspended mass and the housing is applied in the axial, radial and rotational directions in order to handle the vibrations that still remain after the tuned absorber.




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