Review of legal suits involving hand-arm vibration


  • Thomas Jetzer Occupational Medicine Consultants, 6515 Barrie Road, Edina, MN 55359, United States


Machine vibrations, Medicine, Beneficial effects, Hand-arm vibration, Medical issues, Occupational medicines, Upper extremity, Vibration exposure, Work environments, Working population


The characteristics of lawsuits involving hand-arm vibration (HAV), the medical issues involved, and the strategies of defense and plaintiff attorneys as noted in a particular occupational medicine practice, are outlined. The study finds that there is widespread lack of physician knowledge or appreciation for vibration-related upper extremity traumas. It is found that females doing jobs with high vibration exposure are noted to develop symptoms considerably faster and earlier then males. There must also be strong evidence that the vibration exposure has been long enough and sufficient to cause the pathology observed, taking into account the current standards. These legal suits may therefore have had a beneficial effect for the working population in general, as many companies are finally finding that it is more cost-effective to provide prevention and a proper work environment than to continue to fight or lose lawsuits.




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