Attitudes and beliefs concerning hearing protectors and noise exposure

A. Bockstael, L. De Bruyne, B.B. Vinck


A study that examines influential factors from a practical hearing-conservation point of view trying to answer the question what should be focused on to promote effective implementation of personal hearing protectors at the work floor is presented. A written questionnaire has been distributed among the work force of four different Belgian companies engaged in various industrial activities. Based on this outcome, logistic regression is carried out to assess the probability that people will use their hearing protectors consistently while exposed to noise. The study allows identifying the most influential parameters, but since hearing conservation programs cannot handle everything at the same time, building a hierarchy might help to establish priorities. This contests by no means the importance of concepts like risk perception, rather it suggests that principles are relatively easily put aside by practical considerations.


Audition; Logistics; Noise pollution; Risk perception; Hearing conservation program; Hearing protectors; Industrial activities; Influential factors; Logistic regressions; Noise exposure; Work force

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