Influence of source location, subjects and hpd size on the sound field around earmuffs

Cécile Le Cocq, Hugues Nélisse, Jérôme Boutin, Jérémie Voix, Frédéric Laville


The Field-MIRE (F-MIRE) technique has been developed to objectively quantify the attenuation of earplugs using two microphones. One is located under the HPD while the other one is used to capture the exterior sound field. The objective of the experiment is to demonstrate the influence of the type and location of the source as well as the location of the microphone on the measurement of the incident sound pressure on earmuffs. At the front of the earmuff, the mean and the standard deviation values of the normalized SPL are the highest for all frequencies, whereas at the back of the earmuff, the mean and the standard deviation values are the smallest for all frequencies. Both the sound source location and the microphone location on the earmuff seem to have a significant effect on the measured sound pressure level.


Acoustic fields; Microphones; Statistics; Sound pressure level; Sound pressures; Sound source location; Source location; Standard deviation; Two microphones

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