Industrial application of simplesilence technology: Evaporator fan noise control


  • Anthony Gérard Soft DB, 1240 Rue Beaumont, Montréal, QC H3P 3E5, Canada
  • Michel Pearson Soft DB, 1040 Avenue Belvédère, Québec, QC GlS 3G3, Canada


Acoustic variables control, Cold storage, Computational fluid dynamics, Evaporators, Industrial applications, Blade forces, Blade passage frequency, Broadband noise, CFD simulations, Cold storage rooms, Environmental noise, Fan noise, Flow topology, Ice accretion, Low frequency, Low-frequency tones, Narrow bands, Non-uniform flows, Residential areas, Tonal noise, Tonal noise control, Upstream flow


Tonal noise control from evaporator fans used for cooling a cold storage room is described. The low frequency tone at blade passage frequency can result in environmental noise penalty in the residential area near the cold storage room. Tonal noise originates from non-uniform flow that causes circumferential varying blade forces and gives rise to considerably larger radiated dipolar sound at the BPF and its harmonics. For the evaporator studied in this paper, the primary non uniform flow mainly came from the motor struts and the ice accretion in the upstream flow field of the fan. The obstruction probably controlled these instabilities so that the narrowband peak and low frequency broadband noise were decreased. CFD simulations could give more insight in the flow topology without and with the obstruction.

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