• Frank Russo


The September issue of Canadian Acoustics is normally the
proceedings issue of Acoustics Week in Canada. However,
given the joint meeting earlier this year of the Canadian
Acoustical Association and the Acoustical Society of Amer-
ica (ASA) under the aegis of the International Commission
for Acoustics, proceedings have been published in the ASA’s
Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics (Volume 19). In its
place, I am pleased to present a special issue dedicated to
research by new Scholars. All lead authors published herein
are within 10 years of the terminal degree. We are fortunate
to be witnessing a period of continued growth in all areas
of acoustics. This growth is fueled by new scholars who are
working to advance established subfields as well as to create
new ones.
The current issue captures a representative sample of this
growth spanning bio-acoustics, psychological acoustics, un-
derwater acoustics, noise control, and speech sciences.
The focus on new scholars is timely given the renewal that
the journal has undergone recently. In December of 2012, the
editorial board was renewed and past issues of the journal be-
came available online at jcaa.caa-aca.ca. Since that time there
has been an increase in the rate of submissions to the journal.
To stay ahead of these increases, we have phased in an elec-
tronic manuscript submission system and reduced the time it
takes to reach an editorial decision (8 weeks currently). Ac-
cess to the journal is also open with the exception of issues
published within the most recent calendar year. These chang-
es are helping to increase the visibility of the journal and to
disseminate its contents more widely. Looking forward, the
renewal at the journal will continue with Jérémie Voix taking
over my role as Editor effective March of 2014.

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