Exploring the Impacts of Consistency in Sound Masking


  • Niklas Moeller K.R. Moeller Associates Ltd.


Electronic sound masking systems control the noise side of the signal-to-noise ratio in interior environments.  Their effectiveness relates directly to how consistently the specified masking curve is achieved.  Current system specifications generally allow a relatively wide range in performance, in large part reflecting expectations set by legacy technologies.  This session presents a case study of sound masking measurements and speech intelligibility calculations conducted in office spaces.  These are used as a foundation to discuss the impacts of local inconsistencies in the masking sound and to begin a discussion of appropriate performance requirements for masking systems.

Author Biography

Niklas Moeller, K.R. Moeller Associates Ltd.

KR. Moeller Associates Ltd. are the manufacturers of the LogiSon Acoustic Network Sound Masking and Paging systemRic Doedens is Director of Strategic Relations. He is a working member of ASTM committee E33 on Building and Environmental Acoustics, ASA Technical Committee on Architectural Acoustics and the ASA Healthcare Acoustics sub-committee.

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