Atelier 7hz – Architectural and environmental acoustics and vibrations

Raphael DUEE


A dynamic business from Québec, Atelier 7hz has two goals: excellence in expertise and providing useful and clear recommendations. We ensure that our engineering services in acoustics and vibration fulfill our customers' expectations. Already strong of our multiple experiences, we are always looking to deepen our knowledge through new methods of measurement and calculation but also looking for new quality materials and innovative solutions. Our experts have multidisciplinary skills in the acoustics and vibration fields, and more particularly in the architectural, environmental and vibration domains.


Consultants, Acoustic, Vibration, Noise, Architecture, Environment, Sound Insulation, Acoustic insulation, Isolation, Soundproofing, Noise Complaint, Community Noise, Groundborne noise, Reverberation, Atelier 7Hz, A7hz, A7

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