STC Ratings of Drywall Partitions with and without Structural Sheathing


  • Alex Lorimer HGC Engineering
  • Jessica Tinianov HGC Engineering


It is often encountered that architects or other building designers specify multiple cavity partitions, with the expectation that they provide equal or greater sound transmission loss performance than a single cavity partition of similar overall mass and dimension. Previous studies confirm that this is not generally true. In particular, the National Building Code lists wood-frame and drywall demising partitions with single large cavities and relatively high Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings; however, a footnote indicates that the structural sheathing configurations in these walls can degrade the performance from slightly to unpredictably. This article presents a comparison of several field measurements demonstrating the significant acoustical effects of a commonly specified sheathing configuration.



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Lorimer A, Tinianov J. STC Ratings of Drywall Partitions with and without Structural Sheathing. Canadian Acoustics [Internet]. 2015Aug.18 [cited 2021May7];43(3). Available from:



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