Pinchin Limited – Acoustics and Vibration Team


  • Ryan John Matheson
  • Weidong Li
  • Aidan Maher


Pinchin is part of the Pinchin Group, a network of four regionally-owned companies, with several offices across Canada from St. John’s, Newfoundland to Victoria, British Columbia. The Company is staffed by a team of seven hundred skilled and experienced professional engineers, scientists, industrial hygienists, geologists, technologists and project managers that can offer innovative solutions to complex problems. Following suit with the company’s reputation and success Pinchin has strategically grown its Acoustics and Vibration team to provide innovative and effective acoustic engineering services and solutions to their clients ever expanding needs.

Author Biography

Ryan John Matheson

Ryan Matheson graduated with honors in Applied Physics at the University of Guelph. He then received his Master’s in Applied Physics at the University of Waterloo, where he performed acoustics research under Professor Emerita John Vanderkooy and Stanley Lipshitz as part of the Acoustics Research Group (ARG). Research areas included low frequency optimization of sound systems in small to medium sized listening rooms and the development of properly modeled source terms in Finite Difference Time Domain simulations. During his academic career Ryan wrote two papers that were presented at the 125th Audio Engineering Society Conference in San Francisco and at the Acoustics Week in Canada put on by the Canadian Acoustical Association. Professionally, Ryan has experience in a variety of acoustic projects that included wind farm noise monitoring, acoustic audit of industrial sites, building acoustics and constructions noise and vibration. Ryan’s most recent experience has taken him all over North and South America where he was involved in acoustic testing projects for water infrastructure as well as research and development initiatives. Ryan’s strong academic skill set, interpersonal skills and seasoned field experience adds to Pinchin Limiteds already impressive lineup of professionals.




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