Pliteq Inc. – 2015 Research in Architectural Acoustics

Wilson R Byrick, Matthew Golden


Pliteq Inc. is a Toronto based engineering company specializing in architectural acoustics. CEO Paul Downey is listed as the inventor of 7 sound and vibration mitigation related patents. The GenieMatTM and GenieClipTM product lines are tested for efficacy on various structures for various applications using independent third party laboratories and ASTM test procedures. In 2015 we completed numerous test programs and the findings are presented in this article. Research topics included assessing the performance of; GenieMatTM FIT flooring products for heavy impact isolation, using multi-layer GenieMatTM FF systems to achieve low natural frequency and dynamic stiffness response of floating floors, using the GenieClipTM to reduce impact sound in wood frame construction and finally using all of the above mentioned product types to reduce impact and airborne sound transmission in cross-laminated timber (CLT) construction. 


heavy impact insulation, IIC, STC, CLT, sound attenuation

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