Assessing and Mitigating the Risk of Multibeam Echosounder Use Near Endangered Beaked Whales in the Gully Marine Protected Area

Paul Andrew Macnab, Shannan Murphy, Alexandre Normandeau


A charter with multibeam sounders presented the Government of Canada an opportunity to collect bathymetric and surficial geology data in the Gully Marine Protected Area, locus of a shelf-incising canyon granted broad ecosystem protection with specific measures enacted for sensitive benthos and endangered northern bottlenose whales. Several regulatory processes were triggered by an April 2017 proposal to remap the canyon. Here we review the project and joint decisions reached by the proponent and federal authorities, our primary aim to inform the evolving domestic dialogue on anthropogenic noise impacts.


multibeam echosounders; Gully MPA; SARA; northern bottlenose whales; environmental assessment

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