The Condominium Process and Noise


  • Gregory E. Clunis Integral DX Engineering Ltd.


In our practice, we frequently provide acoustical engineering services to condominium developers and other builders of multi-unit residential construction. Some are large local firms, others are small with limited experience.

In all cases, we find that it helps to break down the project process into individual steps and activities, with clear identification as to who is responsible for what. All participants, including the owner (or future owner) down to the General Contractor's labourer who watches over the site, have a role to play.

This paper presents a flow chart and description of the process we use: Project Definition; Concept Design; Detail Design; Tender and Construction; and Commissioning. In Ontario, we have the Tarion Home Warranty Program which superimposes accountability standards and reporting requirements. This process can be applied to large and small projects, high end developments to social housing, as well as wood, steel or concrete construction. Some example projects will be briefly presented.




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