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Case Study: Retrofitted Solution to Address Sound Flanking via Window Mullions of Stacked Residences

Pier-Gui Lalonde


This paper presents a case study concerning a noise transmission issue between stacked residences in a condominium building. The façade design included vertical window mullions that were continuous and common to the upper and lower units, creating a sound flanking path. Low acoustic privacy and disturbing intrusive noise resulted. A solution was required to mitigate the noise transmission issue while meeting additional requirements: fully reversible modifications to façade components were preferred, no interference to the function of the façade components was allowed, and occupant expectations regarding the appearance of the final solution needed to be met. This paper will present the approach that was followed in order to diagnose the issue, as well as the analysis which led to the solution that was ultimately implemented.


Architectural Acoustics; Engineering Acoustics / Noise Control; Window Mullions

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