Innovative and Feasible Noise Mitigation Planning


  • Amir A. Iravani Dillon Consulting Limited.
  • Lucas Arnold Dillon Consulting Limited.


For industrial sites located near residential areas, noise pollution can be a limiting factor in expanding production. When KFP Inc. wanted to upgrade machinery and increase their annual throughput, they faced challenges dealing with increasing noise levels above acceptable limits at the neighbouring residential community. They needed a solution that would achieve continuous noise shielding, but a permanent noise barrier wall would cost millions of dollars and extend the project timeline. We envisioned a way to arrange for stacks of logs to be used as noise barriers and developed a plan to maintain continuous shielding even as the log inventory is removed for processing. The log wall changeover plan was developed through implementation of parallel walls system. By prototyping this barrier and completing the changeover process with sensors in place, we confirmed that our noise mitigation strategy was successful. This solution demonstrates the value and viability of using available onsite materials to provide noise mitigation and suggests the approach can be applied more widely. With good design, thorough investigation, and creative planning, regulatory compliance and improved noise environment for sensitive receptors in proximity of industrial facilities can be achieved.

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