Determination of Acoustic Characteristics of Melamine Foam with Experimental Validation


  • Dr. Behzad Ahmed Zai SUPARCO
  • Saad Sami Space and upper atmosphere research commission
  • Majid Shahzad
  • Rashid Ali Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering


Melamine foam, absorption coefficient, transmission loss, sound pressure level, impedance tube


Space launch vehicles experience severe dynamic loadings throughout the flight. Acoustic loads are one such load which are very critical to the launch vehicle at the time of ignition and take off. The amplitudes of acoustic loadings are generally very high and required to be diminished to save electronic components. Typically, one of the most common and efficient insulating material is Melamine Foam (MF).  In this paper, the acoustic and environmental noise reduction MF panels of variable thicknesses (25, 50 and 75mm) are analyzed. Commercial FEA software is used to estimate the acoustic parameters which are experimentally validated using impedance tube based on transfer matrix method. The impedance tube can measure the normal incident sound absorption coefficient and transmission loss for frequency range of 64 Hz to 6.2 kHz. A conventional, two-microphone impedance tube, is connected to a sample holder downstream of the first microphone pair and a section downstream of the sample holder that accommodates a second pair of microphones. Two separate arrangements of impedance tube are used to measure the absorption coefficient and transmission loss. The FEA and experimental results are compared and found in good agreements Furthermore, the optimized insulation foam thickness is obtained based on required acoustic parameters.



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Zai DBA, Sami S, Shahzad M, Ali R. Determination of Acoustic Characteristics of Melamine Foam with Experimental Validation. Canadian Acoustics [Internet]. 2021 Dec. 27 [cited 2022 Jun. 26];49(4). Available from:



Article - Engineering Acoustics / Noise Control