The Energy Costs of Some Noise Abatement Procedures


  • R. K. Leong Civil Aeronautics Transport Canada, Place de Ville, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N8


The growth of commercial jet transport since 1957 has been accompanied by a growing concern with the increased noise levels in communities adjacent to airports. To alleviate this impact, noise abatement procedures for aircraft operations were implemented. Amongst these procedures are : the use of preferential runway systems to avoid overflying densely populated areas, power reduction after takeoff, reduced thrust takeoff, steeper glide slopes during approach and delayed flap landing. However, the recent "energy crisis" and subsequent sharp rise in aviation fuel prices have created a need to determine how much these noise abatement procedures are costing us. In an attempt to obtain some energy costs of these procedures, a theoretical study was conducted. For this paper, fuel consumption and noise reduction benefits of some noise abatement departures are presented.




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