On the Ontology of Sound



Music, philosophy of music, sound studies, soundscape, ontology of sound, cinematography


This article provides a compressed examination of sound studies, wherein the author explores the nexus of sound and listening as pivotal junctures intersecting semiotic and phenomenological discourses. At the same time, sound and listening are clarified as perplexing lacunas in the philosophical realm of sound. The study focuses on sound studies as a subject of inquiry to scrutinise its ontological underpinnings. Additionally, the article delves into the conundrum of why investigations into sound-related issues have predominantly occurred within the realms of science and art, often remaining confined within the purview of technology. In addressing these questions, the author seeks to elucidate the limitations of the current discourse on sound. The article explores the dimensions of representational sound, soundscape, and sound installation, thereby broadening the scope of inquiry within the field of sound studies.



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