Amplifying presence, connecting the present



médiation, dance, patrimoine, mémoire, somatique, ecosophie, danse, heritage, somatics, mediation, culture


In 2023, Montreal’s Cité-des-Hospitalières was the site of a unique cultural mediation workshop entitled In-Cité. Guided by a trio of dance artists, and accompanied by an original soundscape, this in situ workshop invited participants to experience the space through physical sensation, making heritage and memory visible, palpable and audible. Composed of field recordings, vocal music and testimonials gathered by the artists, the sound design punctuates, amplifies and mediates the experience. Weaving together their experience and the project’s theoretical foundations, Germain Ducros and Philippe O'Brien share the principles of the sound design of In-Cité, and the reflections unearthed by this experience. 



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