Improving sound-absorption properties of porous concrete materials

  • J.J. Hajek Ontario Min. of Transportation & Communications, R&D Branch, Downsview, Ont., Canada
Keywords: acoustic noise, acoustic wave absorption, architectural acoustics, concrete, sound-absorption properties, porous concrete materials, material composition, thickness, resonator cavities, resonator tubes, Helmholtz resonators, homogeneous materials, impedance tube, reverberation room measurement methods


Different methods of improving sound-absorptive properties of porous concrete-based materials were investigated including: (a) changing the material composition and thickness, (b) incorporating resonator cavities in the form of resonator tubes or Helmholtz resonators, and (c) sealing one face of homogeneous materials. The investigation encompasses both analytical analyses and laboratory measurements using both the impedance tube and the reverberation room measurement methods. The results indicate that one of the most promising methods to improve sound-absorption quality of porous concrete-based material is sealing one face of the material
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Hajek J. Improving sound-absorption properties of porous concrete materials. Canadian Acoustics [Internet]. 1984Apr.1 [cited 2019Sep.19];12(2):39-7. Available from:
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