International co-operation in acoustics

F. Ingerslev


Acoustics was, up to the first decades of this century, a branch of physics. The subject acoustics embraced at that time primarily sound and sound waves. Perception of sound through the ear was treated to a minor degree. The increasing interest during the first half of this century in pure and applied acoustics resulted in the establishment of acoustics as an independent discipline. Acoustics rapidly developed to become an important interdisciplinary activity-perhaps to a greater extent than has been the case with any other engineering discipline. Acoustics is today a broad field which treats subjects as for example: physical acoustics, physiological acoustics, psychological acoustics, speech, musical acoustics, shocks, vibrations, electroacoustics, architectural acoustics, room acoustics, noise emission, noise immission, town planning, effects of noise, and measurement of noise. International co-operation in the province of acoustics is discussed


acoustics; physical acoustics; physiological acoustics; psychological acoustics; speech; musical acoustics; shocks; vibrations; electroacoustics; architectural acoustics; room acoustics; noise emission; noise immission; town planning; effects of noise; measurement of noise

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