Electroacoustical research and acoustical calibrations at INMS


  • G.S.K. Wong Inst. for Nat. Meas. Stand., Nat. Res. Council Canada, Ottawa, Ont., Canada


accelerometers, acoustic variables measurement, acoustoelectric transducers, calibration, measurement standards, microphones, ultrasonic measurement, accelerometer calibration, Canadian standards, acoustical calibrations, INMS, Primary Standards, electroacoustics, Ultrasound Standards


INMS has the responsibility over a wide spectrum of Primary Standards that are maintained in Canada, and has a leadership role in national and international standards activities. The Institute also provides calibration services that are traceable to the Primary Standards. The aim is to present a concise picture on the current research on electroacoustics and the calibration and standards activities within INMS. The Acoustical Standards Group which is one of the ten groups in INMS, is responsible for the maintenance of the Primary Acoustical Standards and has been given a new mandate to develop Ultrasound Standards




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