Development of diesel generator isolation systems for low noise and vibration


  • G.E. Clunis
  • S.J. Bradley


acoustic noise, diesel-electric generators, machine protection, noise abatement, ships, shipboard interfaces, low vibration, diesel generator isolation systems, low noise, engineering design process, low underwater noise levels, specification requirements, 60 kW


The authors presents an outline of the engineering design process applied to the development of noise and vibration isolation systems for a 60 kW diesel generator. Two of these DGs are fitted in each of four 35 metre research vessels. The main role of these vessels is sound range support, and thus the greatest emphasis is on low underwater noise levels. Specific issues which are discussed include the specification requirements and process, design requirements, and obstacles to the design process which needed to be overcome. Particular emphasis is placed on the responsibilities and required contributions of the various participants. An outline is provided of the final design details. In conclusion, a discussion of the trials and evaluation process is presented




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Clunis G, Bradley S. Development of diesel generator isolation systems for low noise and vibration. Canadian Acoustics [Internet]. 1991 Sep. 1 [cited 2023 Feb. 2];19(4):53-4. Available from:



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