The effects of music technology on hearing: a case study of St. John's bars

S. DeLay, S. Hiscock, T. Koopmans, S. Lenser, E. Rizkalla, D. Tulk


In many of today's popular bars and dance clubs, music is played at levels which may contribute significantly to permanent hearing loss. This is disturbing, considering that many young people spend a great deal of time in these establishments. Of particular concern is the risk that loud music poses to bar employees who are regularly exposed to this excessive noise for long periods of time. A recent study conducted in Halifax (Whitehead, 1989) found that many bars maintained music levels capable of inducing hearing damage after only a few minutes of exposure. This raised questions about the noise levels in St. John's bars. Consultations with audiologists, and other experts indicated that a potential health hazard exists, and that an investigation was warranted


acoustic noise; health hazards; hearing; music; bars; dance clubs; permanent hearing loss; loud music; excessive noise; hearing damage; potential health hazard

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